Students’ & Alums’ Publications


Erin Alpert (class of 2006). Reinventing Soviet Visual Memory: A Case Study of Marina Goldovskaya’s Documentary Solovki Power (In Studies in Russian and Soviet Film)

Erin Alpert (class of 2006). The Visual in Documentary: Sergei Loznitsa and the Importance of the Image (In Studies in Documentary Film)

Sophie Kosar.
The Marine Façade and the Petersburg Myth in Post-Soviet Russia
The Birch Journal (a journal for East European and Eurasian studies)  Columbia University.  Srping(2012): 27-31.

See also the online reprint of this article with video clips from Sophie Kosar’s documentary about the rise of the civil society in post-Soviet St. Petersbrug in Art in Russia journal (June 2012).

Monika Bernotas.
The Legacy of Unofficial Art in St. Petersburg: The Case of Pushkinkaya-10 Art Center.
Art in Russia. SRAS Journal of Undergraduate Research.

William Sinnott.
a book review of an edited volume Insiders and Outsiders in Russian Cinema. Norris, Stephen M. and Torlone, Zara M. (eds). Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN, 2008. xxvii + 179 pp. Illustrations. Notes. Index. $21.95 (paperback).  Co-authored with Alexander Prokhorov.
Slavonic and East European Review (July 2011).

Sarah Argodale
Constructing Memory in the Tatarstan Republic
Hard Times, Changing Times. Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Student-Faculty Conference in European Studies.  Williamsburg, VA: European Studies Program, 2010.  76-85.

Richard Olson. 
A book review of Denise Youngblood’s monograph, Russian War Films: On the Cinema Front, 1914-2005.. Lawrence, KS: UP of Kansas, 2007. Xvi + 319 pp
Co-authored with Alexander Prokhorov
Slavonic and East European Review
87.3(July 2009): 547-48

Erin Alpert.
A book review of Marina Goldovskaia’s monograph Woman with a Movie Camera: My Life as a Russian Filmmaker.  Trans.  Antonina W. Bouis.  Austin: U of Texas P, 2006. Co-authored with Alexander Prokhorov.
Slavonic and East European Review
(Fall 2007): .

Erin Alpert
Uncomfortable Memories: Marina Goldovskaia’s Documentary Anatolii Rybakov — The Russian Story.
Co-authored with Alexander Prokhorov
Kinokultura: A Journal of New Russian Cinema September(2006).